Spreading Love and Unity in The Breast Center at UMMC

By Tiesha Dove, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant, The Breast Center

Here at The Breast Center at UMMC, many of our patients come in once a year or so for a screening mammogram and soon receive a letter confirming everything looks normal. But others find themselves dealing with the harsh reality of cancer, and we do our best to care for them throughout their treatment. We always want to help in any way we can, even if it’s just with a smile. Our staff members are supportive of one another as we support patients, and that’s how the Valentine’s Day sock exchange came to be.

Who knew that a simple pair of socks would bring so much happiness? The sock exchange started out as a random act of kindness. I always wear crazy socks because they’re fun and brighten up my day. When my co-worker, Stephanie Jackson, noticed and admired my socks one day, it sparked the idea to spread the joy of crazy socks. On Valentine’s Day.

Just like with a “secret Santa” drawing, everyone in our office drew names and then each bought a pair of crazy socks for the person whose name she drew. We exchanged the socks on Valentine’s Day during our lunch hour, and then we all agreed to wear them the next day, showing them off to our patients and spreading love and unity within our Breast Center community.

And, by the way, we decided that the sock exchange will be an annual event.

Pictured above are, from left to right: Regina Pinkey-Gillespie, Stephanie Jackson, Danita Biles, Tiesha Dove, Kam Finckel, Gayle Sis, Lynne Randolph, Esther Jackson, Barbara Myers and Dornette Brown.

In the Pink: UMMC’s Gina Muldrow Wins a Night Out

Gina Muldrow, left, and her sister, Karen Mohammad, stop by the UMMC main entrance during their night out in a pink limousine. Gina is a stem cell donor navigator in the Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at UMMC. She won the night out as a door prize when she participated in after-hours events reserved for staff to schedule their own screening mammograms.

 By Gina Muldrow

The Pink Limo was awesome, a real treat and an eye catcher. It has the biggest, prettiest lashes on the headlights — it’s definitely a girly car. And my sister, Karen Mohammad, and I both felt like pretty pink princesses.

The driver was funny, friendly and courteous. Karen and I felt like a tourists while he drove us around Baltimore. It really is a beautiful city at night.

We had dinner at the Black Olive Restaurant. It’s such a lovely, quaint little place in the heart of Fells Point, sitting back on a cobblestone street. Incidentally, the dim lighting would make for an elegant, romantic evening if you’re with your sweetheart. But even if you’re with a sister or a good friend, it’s a beautiful place to have dinner.

The service was very fast and professional, and the food …. OMG! It was awesome. 🙂 Delicious to the last bite. I’m sure they have the best chef in town.

Before we ordered, our waitress gave us a tour of the Black Olive’s seafood display. She educated us about the types of fish they offered and where they came from. In the end, we chose a fish entrée and a lamb entree.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and I’m so lucky and appreciative of the experience.
Thank you all in the Breast Center for all you do.

Save the Ta-Tas!