Photos of UMMC During the Blizzards

Photos By Jim Chang
Director of Safety

Editor’s Note: These are photos of what was going on inside and outside the University of Maryland Medical Center during the past week, when two blizzards dropped more than 40 inches of snow on Baltimore.

Preparing for a Blizzard

By Jim Chang
Director of Safety

“The Medical Center is always open” is the operational motto that we strive toward. We plan and prepare for situations such as blizzards to make sure we can serve our patients regardless of the weather or event.

Our preparations begin with identifying what can happen to us — yes — blizzards are on the list. We then develop response plans that talk about notifying key staff, mobilizing resources, staffing, etc.; train staff; and we test them in periodic disaster drills.

For this storm in particular [which produced a Baltimore record 21.1 inches of snow over two days, and 20.5 inches on December 19 alone], we identified the threat early in the week and were taking all of the right precautions such as ordering extra food and supplies, notifying staff, and talking with our community partners.

Our challenge was with the severity of the storm — on Wednesday and into Thursday, no one (weather forecasters included) believed that this would be a record breaker. As we saw the predictions worsening with each hour, UMMC leadership and staff responded to the challenge.