Two Stories From Haiti

By Chris Lindsley
Blog Editor

Wonder what the situation is like in Haiti? Two members of the first University of Maryland Medical Center team there to provide relief for earthquake survivors — surgical technologist Jake Smith and trauma anesthesiologist Cynthia Bucci, M.D., both with the UM Shock Trauma Center — share their experiences.

Jake Smith: “It’s rough down there. The people definitely need our help.”

Dr. Cynthia Bucci: “The conditions were devastating … it was very chaotic.”

Photos From Haiti

Editor’s Note: These photos of Haiti were taken by members of the University of Maryland teams in Haiti to provide medical care to the earthquake survivors.

Preparing for Haiti: Pre-Deployment Briefing Video

By Chris Lindsley
Blog Editor

On January 28 the first team of 22 doctors, nurses and other health professionals from the University of Maryland Medical Center and the University of Maryland School of Medicine left for a relief mission in Haiti.

Prior to departing, the team received a detailed pre-deployment briefing from Dr. Andrew Pollak, associate director of trauma at the UM Shock Trauma Center, after he spent a few days in Haiti assessing the medical needs there.

Get an inside look at how a hospital prepares its team for a relief mission to a disaster site like Haiti after the recent earthquakes by watching this video.