Redwood Pharmacy Moves to a More Prominent Location

By Jeffrey Cywinski, RPh

UMMC Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Manager

You could say the new UMMC Pharmacy at Redwood has taken the community by storm. Although Hurricane Sandy threatened our neighborhood with flooding and high winds on our opening day Oct. 29, pharmacist Charles Donohue, RPh, and pharmacy technician Vernette Neely stepped up to open the pharmacy in its new location despite the hostile weather.

Our newly designed and easily accessible pharmacy has been relocated to the corner of Paca and Redwood streets — across the street from the Redwood Building. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The pharmacy includes an expanded prescription processing area and a larger variety of over-the-counter products for our patients.

The new storefront entrance also means quick access for staff and students throughout the University of Maryland Baltimore campus, and for West Side residents and others who work or shop in the neighborhood.

Pharmacy technician Shawnta Toney stocks the empty shelves with topicals at the new pharmacy.

Moving a pharmacy is a complex endeavor that requires attention to detail. Support from other departments is also crucial.

Because an extra layer of security is necessary when moving controlled substances, the Baltimore City Police, University of Maryland Campus Police, and UMMC security officers ensured safe passage for the medications from one building to the other.

The relocation involved more than 12 total hours with the assistance of about 30 staff members, which included a team of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists, assisted by Bret Elam, pharmacy business and operations manager, and Marc Summerfield, MS, director of Pharmacy Services for UMMC.

Everyone had a specific role. The technicians stocked shelves and organized the pharmacy supplies, while the pharmacists performed inventory counts on narcotics and controlled substances.

Our pharmacy department is known for using innovative technology: The Script Pro Robot counts over 40 percent of prescriptions filled and the Omnicell securely stores narcotic medications and documents any access to them. The Pharmacy IT team connected the point-of-sale cash registers and the rest of the technology. We also had the support of Agnes Ann Feemster, PharmD, assistant director of clinical pharmacy and investigational drug services, and Deborah Fay, project manager.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and partners, we were able to finish the move ahead of time.

We’re here for you. Whether you need to fill a prescription or just buy a bottle of OTC headache medicine, come visit us on the corner of Paca and Redwood streets!

Celebrating Our Five- and Ten-Year Employees

At the University of Maryland Medical Center, we take recognizing our employees very seriously, while having fun at the same time. On March 3, we celebrated our five- and ten-year employees with a luncheon and tributes at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel.

Watch the video above to get a flavor of the festivities.

UMMC Celebrates Employees’ Loyal Service

This five-minute video showcases the University of Maryland Medical Center’s 2009 Employee Service Awards, honoring employees and staff members who have worked at the Medical Center for ten years or more. The video features footage from the awards ceremony and reception as well as individual employee testimonials. There are also appearances from several members of UMMC’s senior leadership team, including a speech by President and CEO Jeff Rivest.

UMMC CEO Thanks Staff for Dedication During Blizzards

By Jeffrey A. Rivest
UMMC President and Chief Executive Officer

February 10, 2010

Dear Colleague:

Early this morning I had the pleasure of visiting many of our patient care units and support departments to personally thank the hundreds of dedicated staff who have done heroic things for our patients during the past five days — through two record-breaking blizzards! I was moved by the positive energy and dedication of each staff member I saw. It was beyond description!

As we know, the University of Maryland Medical Center plays a vital role as an essential, tertiary level health care resource for the State of Maryland. Our eleven ICUs, Shock Trauma center, advanced diagnostic services, emergency services, and all of our patient care programs are essential, life-saving resources for our entire state. With this vital role comes the responsibility that, in times of crisis, we must continue to deliver the same high-quality service that is expected of us every day. This is what you’ve been doing, and I greatly appreciate your efforts.

I am proud to tell you that yesterday, as this second storm was beginning, UMMC and our fantastic teams cared for 119 admissions, along with hundreds of emergent visits and procedures. These patient volumes reflect a typical day for us. We didn’t skip a beat — thanks to you. It is truly amazing what can happen when talent, passion, and commitment come together through our special staff members to accomplish wonderful things.

The efficient patient flow has been possible because of the several hundred staff members who stayed at or close to the hospital to ensure their presence when needed. Last night we accommodated over 200 staff members in-house through sleeping arrangements in various locations including the hospital, Paca/Pratt building, and other non-clinical facilities. Hundreds more of our staff recognized the importance of remaining close and stayed at nearby hotels.

Our entire management team has been actively contributing, and we have a top-notch group of Directors and Managers running our Emergency Command Center. We are fully focused on maintaining a strong infrastructure of support for our physicians, nurses, technicians and all care providers. And let me add a special thanks to all of our valuable support staff –- you are doing a wonderful job of supporting our care providers so we can continue to provide excellent patient care.

Indicators show that, by tomorrow, we will begin coming out of this enormously challenging storm. With one last push to get through tonight, we should begin to see a return to what we consider to be “normal” business tomorrow.

Today, we can all be extremely proud of all staff and physician colleagues at UMMC. You are simply the best!


Jeffrey A. Rivest
President and Chief Executive Officer