About Life in a Medical Center

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is  a 731-bed teaching hospital located in Baltimore that provides both primary and advanced specialty care to people in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. UMMC cares for more than 300,000 patients each year, and is a national and regional referral center for trauma, cancer care, neurocare, cardiac care and heart surgery, women’s and children’s health and organ transplants.

Life in a Medical Center is a place where employees, patients and friends of UMMC can share their stories, tips and hospital experiences, and where people can come for practical health tips and advice. Key themes the blog will address include offering a behind-the-scenes look at many aspects of hospital life; sharing stories about the lifesaving work our employees do every day; providing expert advice on current and timely health topics; and much more. 

Life in the Medical Center is the centerpiece of UMMC’s social media efforts, which include 11 Twitter sites, a YouTube Channel and Facebook page.  We encourage you to visit our social media sites and to participate. This sort of community connection is what our blog is all about, and we encourage you to share your comments, thoughts and ideas with us using the comments field provided here.

3 thoughts on “About Life in a Medical Center

  1. I’m inspired with the kind of work you people are doing over there{UMMC}.This is my first time of visiting this site and am grad I did.

  2. My brother has been struggling with kidney failure for 28 years, he is only 40. I am inspired by UMMC for all they do. It is truly remarkable. Now, my brother is in dialysis and I want to donate and hopefully help him have a better quality of life. Thank you UMMC team!

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