Double Listing: A Promising Option for Certain Patients

We recently participated in Mediaplanet USA’s “Hepatitis & Liver” campaign where industry professionals and associations came together to draw attention to the importance of liver health, while highlighting hepatitis awareness, testing education, and treatment to erase the stigma and judgments attached to the disease.

Dr. Rolf Barth, director of Liver Transplantation, was featured in an article about the types of patients who typically see results from double listing. He mentions patients with less threatening illnesses, who do not require immediate transplantation, can stand to gain more from a double listing, whereas the sickest patients are already at the top of the list, and do not necessarily benefit.

The campaign was distributed within the centerfold of USA Today and is published on a Mediaplanet original site. You can read the full article here:

2 thoughts on “Double Listing: A Promising Option for Certain Patients

  1. Fantastic campaign idea. Is this a September-specific type of campaign for a particular observation period? I’d love to run something similar specifically for liver and hepatitis awareness.

  2. Hi, Amanda. Thanks for your comment. The campaign was a special edition of USA Today that ran on September 23 in the print edition, and also included a digital campaign.

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