Grandmother Sends Note of Thanks to the NICU

NICU patient Trehmon Barnes with his cousin, Talyah

NICU Patient Trehmon Barnes with his cousin, Talyah

Just before the holidays, Sharon Harris took time out to write Joan Treacy, MS, RNC, nurse manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to thank the staff who cared for her newborn grandson last summer. When a baby or child is in the hospital, the whole family is involved and affected. Families often send letters, cards and photos to the nurses afterward to thank them. This is one of the things we talk about when we talk about striving for family-centered care. The University of Maryland Children’s Hospital NICU cares for newborns needing intensive care before they can leave the hospital, whether just for 24 hours or for several months. Trey is now 7 months old and doing great at home.

Here is the text of Ms. Harris’ e-mail:

Dear Ms. Treacy,

On July 6, 2011, my grandson, Trehmon Barnes, aka “Trey,” was born at UMMC. Upon entrance to the NICU he started receiving the best care in the world. The nurses and the respiratory care staff attended to his every need. Day and night he was cared for until his discharge on November 29, 2011.

Since that day, he has been enjoying the comfort and love at his home with us. I wanted to sing praises to all of the nursing staff there. For those I can recall — Lilli, Sue, Alison, Jane, Keiara, Meaghan and Brenda — and many many others whose names escape me, but I’m sure my daughter, Trey’s mom, knows them all.
(Editor’s note: See below for full names of the staff members who cared for Trehmon.)

Every time I walked into the room, I had no idea what to expect, but I was always greeted with warmth and care. The nurses scurried to see that we had chairs and gave us a rundown of the day. Many times they reassured us that Trey was doing well. Even when he had his bad days, they would inform us. I cannot express the gratitude we feel for Trey’s excellent care.

I especially want to recognize Amber Gill. She was a blessing. Each time when I walked into the room and Amber was with Trey, I heaved a sigh of relief. She cared for him so lovingly. We don’t think Trey would’ve progressed as well as he did were it not for her excellent skills. You have a gem in her. She was never tired or weary or even seemed the least bothered when we would bombard her with questions. Not that the others did, but Amber always seemed to enjoy the challenge. One of the things we recognized in her is that she was there 100% for us. Whenever we asked her to do something or find out something, she did it right away. She is truly special. All of the nursing staff was wonderful but she excels above them all, in my book. So here’s Kudos to her.

In addition, would you please pass on my praises, as well, to Francine the respiratory therapist’s supervisor. She was marvelous.

Love hopes all things,

Sharon Harris

Caring for Trehmon were
Amber Gill, BSN, RN
Lilli D’Agostaro, RN
Sue Cao, RNC
Alison Grosh, RN,
Jane Munoz, RN
Keiara Williams, BSN, RN
Meaghan Smith, BSN, RN
Brenda Jackson, BSN, RN
Francine E. Jones, RRT

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