Celebrating “Great Stories” in Style

By Chris Lindsley

Great employee stories occur every day at the University of Maryland Medical Center.¬†On Monday, October 10, UMMC’s Employee Engagement Team, a part of the hospital’s Commitment to Excellence program, celebrated four such great stories in a moving ceremony that reunited patients and their caregivers and other hospital staff. The stories came from letters or e-mails sent to UMMC. Here is more information on the four stories recognized at this event:

A cancer patient and his wife, who described the “miracle” of leaving UMMC cancer-free after a five-month stay, and of the “exceptional care” they received from all hospital staff they interacted with.

The parents of a 14-month-old patient with a MRSA infection who arrived on Christmas night and left happy and healthy 11 days later and who, in describing the service they received at UMMC, said “we were treated as if we were royalty.”

A woman who suffered a leg injury in the Inner Harbor four hours before needing to catch a flight home. She was taken to UMMC’s emergency room via ambulance and was able to catch her flight pain-free thanks to some outside-the-box thinking by hospital security staff.

A co-worker who took the time to recognize a colleague for his dedication and work ethic.

If you have a great UMMC story you’d like to share, please send it to us at GreatStories@umm.edu.

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