Seven-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Raises $1,800 to “Find A Cure for Cancer”

By Chris Lindsley
UMMC Blog Editor

Seven-year-old Brasen VonMoose-Lemin had the idea to set up a lemonade stand to help “his” hospital. What he didn’t have were any limitations on what his fundraiser for the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital (UMCH) could accomplish. “I want to help find a cure for childhood cancer,” he said.

Brasen has battled leukemia since 2008, and has grown close to the doctors and staff at UMCH. After seeing information about a fundraiser for Johns Hopkins, he said “my hospital needs one of these.”

What started off as a lemonade stand selling brownies turned into a full-scale fundraiser with donations from local businesses that raised more than $1,800 for UMCH, which he presented to pediatric oncologist Dr. Teresa York.

“Brasen had the money he raised in a bag, and asked me to guess how much was there,” Dr. York said. “I guessed $250. He then broke into a big smile and said, “I’ve raised more than EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.” I could not believe it. What a wonderful gift and insight he has at such a young age.”

Said Brasen about the contents of his paper bag. “I never saw so much money before.”

Brasen’s treatments are going well, and his attitude and outlook have inspired Dr. York and other members of his care team.

“Brasen is an inspiration to all of us with his courage and strength,” said Dr. York. “I am amazed at his dedication to fighting leukemia, his will to live and how his fight has touched so many lives.”

His mother Cherie said she wasn’t surprised when Brasen mentioned his fundraising idea.

“He likes helping others, and he doesn’t want other kids to go through what he has,” Cherie said. “He wants to continue to have an annual fundraiser every year until there is a cure for childhood cancer.”

For his part, Brasen says simply, “I don’t think about my problems when helping others.”

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