Have Voice Problems? Get to Know Dr. VyVy Young

As the new Director of Laryngology at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Dr. VyVy N. Young has been instrumental in expanding the number of services UMMC offers to patients who are experiencing a wide array of voice-related problems and disorders.

Dr. Young offers a variety of treatment options for our patients who have been diagnosed with benign vocal lesions, chronic hoarseness, paradoxical vocal fold disorder, spasmodic dysphonia and vocal fold paralysis. She also offers an extensive variety of professional voice care options for patients who rely heavily on their voices in their daily lives.

Dr. Young specializes in office-based laryngeal surgery, allowing our patients to have many of their procedures performed in the comfort of an office setting at a time most convenient for their busy schedules.

If you or someone you know is concerned about voice-related condition or problem, we encourage you to visit the Division of Laryngology Web site to find out more about Dr. Young and the services she and her team can offer.

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