Trauma Surgeon Heals Patients and Their Violent Ways

R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center surgeon Dr. Carnell Cooper started the Violence Intervention Program (VIP) in 1998 after seeing victims of traumatic violent injury being treated, released, and readmitted months later due to another, often more serious, violent injury.

Seeing this caused Dr. Cooper to ask a simple scientific question: “How can we reduce the number of repeat victims of intentional violent injury coming through the doors of Shock Trauma every day?”

The VIP — an intensive hospital-based intervention program that assists victims of intentional violent injury, including gunshots, stabbings, and beatings — has done just that by providing victims assessment, counseling, and social support from a multi-disciplinary team to help them make critical changes in their lives.

Dr. Cooper was recognized by CNN as one its “CNN Heroes” in 2009 for his work with VIP. See the videos below to learn more.

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