What is Leapfrog?

By Ellen Beth Levitt
Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations

Ever since 2006, I have asked dozens of people if they have heard of Leapfrog. The response has almost always been, “Isn’t it a children’s game?” Maybe. But to a hospital, and people who may need hospital care, Leapfrog has a different meaning. If you are a Leapfrog hospital, you are among a small group recognized as having key patient safety measures in place to provide the safest, highest quality care. UMMC was just named for the fourth year in a row to the Leapfrog list—among only 45 hospitals nationwide.

The current Health Care Reform debate has raised our awareness of the quality issue — and getting value for the health care dollar. As we become more educated health care consumers, I believe more of us will recognize that Leapfrog is more than just a children’s game.

To learn more about the Leapfrog Group, what this patient safety and quality award means for UMMC and its patients and more, watch this interview with UMMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jonathan Gottlieb.

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  1. Leah:

    Thank you very much for your comment, and thanks for adding links to the video on the Leapfrog Twitter and Facebook pages.

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