Kidney Exchange from the Participants’ Perspective

By Chris Lindsley
Blog Editor

The University of Maryland Medical Center recently completed a four-way kidney exchange involving eight patients from four states.

Get a real sense for what this exchange was like from the participants involved, including several patients, UMMC’s director of kidney transplantation and its transplant coordinator.

1. Ed Behn, the person responsible for making the kidney exchange possible, shares his story.

2. Emmet Davitt talks about why he got involved in the kidney exchange, his experience at UMMC and more.


3. Bob Loudermilk, a 74-year-old dialysis patient, goes from flying cadaver kidneys to hospitals to having a life-changing kidney donation. Read Bob’s story.


4. The mother of Sean Menard, who at 10 was the youngest participant in the kidney exchange, shares her and Sean’s story.

5. Transplant surgeon Dr. Matthew Cooper provides an overview of the kidney exchange.

6. Transplant coordinator Debbie Iacovino talks about the work involved in putting the kidney exchange together.

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